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Introducing Abattoir Press, an imprint of Redrum Horror

We’re expanding! In addition to the numbered line of terrific horror titles in the Redrum Horror library, we are now rolling out Abattoir Press, a new imprint that kicks off in February with VIA DOLOROSA by Ronald Malfi.

Available for the first time in paperback and e-book, VIA DOLOROSA is a tense exercise in “quiet horror” that Ghost Writer Literary Reviews calls “a pulse-quickening, brain-teasing adventure. Writing doesn’t get any better than this.”


Lieutenant Nick D’Nofrio is back from the war, but he is not home. The dead are on the other side of the world, but they haunt him daily. He tries to be a husband to his new wife, Emma, but he can’t connect with other people. He is obligated to paint a mural at the Paradis d’Hôtel, but only horrors spring from his imagination. Nick suffers for his art, for himself, for the guilt of his painful secret…

The memory of war follows Nick D’Nofrio to the the Paradis d’Hôtel where he encounters a spectral Spanish beauty, a mysterious jazz musician, and a ghost from his troubled, violent past. As his marriage crumbles and his sanity spins out of control Nick is forced to face his demons, the worst of which may be himself.


“A remarkably versatile writer.”
Brian Keene, author of Ghoul and Dark Hollow

“Malfi’s use of language and his power of description are sublime.”
Fear Zone

Available for the first time in trade paperback and e-book from Abattoir Press in February, 2012!


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