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Rave Reviews for The Red Empire and Other Stories!

The reviews are coming in, and the consensus is that Joe McKinney’s debut collection, The Red Empire and Other Stories, is a hit!

Anything Horror says, ” I’ve always thought of McKinney as ‘that kick ass zombie  author,’ but now after reading The Red Empire and Other Stories I think of him simply as, ‘That kick ass author.’  Period.”

Hell Notes calls it a “new classic” and says, “Redrum Horror has gotten off to a great start with this collection.”

Horror Talk says, “The Red Empire and Other Stories is a very complete collection that will satisfy fans of horror, thrillers and detective stories alike. Also, McKinney’s writing is so descriptive that the book feels more like a collection of novellas than a short story compilation (with the first tale coming in at 130 pages, considering it a novella is not that far-fetched). If you like your literature rough and dripping with authenticity, pick up a copy of The Red Empire today.”

And that’s just the start! Pick up The Red Empire and Other Stories in paperback or ebook at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords!


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