Where horror lives.


Horror fiction had its heydey in the 1970s and 80s when mass market paperbacks with frightening and weird covers dominated the shelves of bookstores, drugtores and supermarkets. Then came the horror implosion of the 90s, and although the genre has seen a remarkable comeback in the last decade through the small press, the old school feel of horror’s prime remains a dusty memory…

…until now! Introducing REDRUM HORROR, a new imprint with a passion for horror fiction old and new. Beginning with Joe McKinney’s The Red Empire and Other Stories, Redrum Horror will publish exciting new trade paperback editions of the horror novels you loved back in the day alongside new classics from luminaries in the genre like Joe McKinney, Gary Brandner, Jeremy C. Shipp, Guy N. Smith and many more.  Each edition will be numbered in sequence as the Redrum Library expands, and each cover expertly designed by artists like Joshua Hansen, Vance Trancygier, and Billy Sagulo.

Scary things are coming. Stay tuned…


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