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THE THING IN THE MIST: Selected Stories by John S. Glasby

THE THING IN THE MIST: Selected Stories by John S. Glasby

Redrum Horror #6


Between 1954 and 1967, British publisher Badger Books released over one hundred issues of the horror pulp digest Supernatural Stories, nearly half of which were written by one of the most prolific genre writers of his time, John S. Glasby.

Here, collected for the first time, are eleven of Glasby’s finest contributions to Supernatural Stories, tales of otherworldly terror and ancient evil in the Lovecraftian tradition. Guaranteed to chill and delight, The Thing in the Mist is a must-read for any fan of classic pulp horror.

This edition also includes an introduction by the late Glasby’s son, Edmund Glasby, and an informative afterword by longtime colleague Philip Harbottle.

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Bottled Abyss is a rollercoaster of genre, technique, and emotion. It’s a novel that pushes boundaries and treads new territory. Whether you’re a fan of small-town horror, thrillers, character-driven horror, or apocalyptic fiction, you’ll find something in Bottled Abyss to love.” —FEARnet

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BOTTLED ABYSS by Benjamin Kane Ethridge



The highly anticipated second novel from Bram Stoker Award winning author Benjamin Kane Ethridge is coming this June from Redrum Horror!

Herman and Janet Erikson are going through a crisis of grief and suffering after losing their daughter in a hit and run. They’ve given up on each other, they’ve given up on themselves. They are living day by day. One afternoon, to make a horrible situation worse, their dog goes missing in the coyote-infested badlands behind their property. Herman, resolved in preventing another tragedy, goes to find the dog, completely unaware he’s on a hike to the River Styx, which according to Greek myth was the border between the Living World and the world of the Dead.

Long ago the gods died and the River dried up, but a bottle containing its waters still remains in the badlands. What Herman discovers about the dark power contained in those waters will change his life forever…

“It happens from time to time…a book grabs you from the opening line and refuses to let you go.  Benjamin Kane Ethridge’s Bottled Abyss was one of those reads for me.  Bottled Abyss is a stunningly sophisticated tale, both in its mythic scope and in its adroit handling of complex, emotional characters.  Ethridge is a writer of rare emotional intelligence, developed far beyond his years, but with Bottled Abyss he has outdone even his own considerable promise.  There are several writers out there, such as Laird Barron, John Langan and Lee Thomas, that have me chomping at the bit for their next release.  Add to that shortlist Benjamin Kane Ethridge, for he has made me a fan for life!”

—Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Flesh Eaters and Dead City

Redrum Horror #5

Redrum Horror, 2012, 330 pages

ISBN 978-0-9847519-5-2

Paperback $12.99/ Ebook $2.99

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HELLBORN by Gary Brandner [Redrum Horror #4]


A union of unspeakable terror awaits her—and there are only a few trusted companions she can turn to: her best friend, her doctor, her psychic, her lover.

But one of them is already possessed by the malevolently sexual demon Astragoth. To choose wrongly will damn her—and doom her young son…

From the sulfurous night of the centuries he has returned. He will have his bride—or he will level the earth. He is the HELLBORN!

“If you haven’t read Gary Brandner, you’re missing a treat!” —Stephen King

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DEADBEAT by Guy N. Smith

Redrum Horror #3 is on its way! DEADBEAT by cult horror icon Guy N. Smith (Night of the Crabs) is coming mid-March, and you can pre-order it now at Barnes & Noble.


What is the compulsive beat that seems to invade the very soul of listeners with violent, terrifying visions? Having sent a demo tape to Donna Caryl, the lead singer of the Necromancers, Stephanie Insel is invited to meet the star. Very quickly Stephanie and her friend, Eddie Bannon, are enmeshed in the secretive world of this terrifying new band. When they find themselves becoming major participants in the demonic cult of Deadbeat, they uncover the evil intentions of Caryl and her neophytes.

DEADBEAT…once you hear it, you can never forget it!

“Guy N. Smith is the grandmaster of B-movie style pulp horror and for good reason. He knows how to make it work and he keeps you glued to the page! I wouldn’t miss anything he writes.”

—J. F. Gonzalez, co-author of the Clickers series

“Like Stephen King and Dean Koontz, the prolific Smith is a master at building suspense.”


Wrap-Up: The Red Empire Reading

Joe McKinney’s reading from THE RED EMPIRE AND OTHER STORIES at Kick Butt Coffee in Austin, Texas was a tremendous success! This was our first event, and we’d like to thank everyone who came out to hear Joe read “Eyes Open,” “Burning Finger Man,” and “Empty Room,” as well as talk about his writing process and how his experiences in the San Antonio police department have shaped him as an author.

Prizes were given, including The Red Empire, Attic Clowns by Jeremy Shipp, Via Dolorosa by Ronald Malfi, and prints of The Red Empire cover by and courtesy of artist Joshua Hansen. We couldn’t have been happier with the turnout, and we eagerly look forward to the next Redrum Horror event!